About Eliza kama 

Eliza Kama was born in Groningen (Holland) and is a proud mom of 1 son. Eliza Kama currently lives in Antwerp (Belgium). Eliza also lived in Spain and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Eliza has always loved dancing, sensuality and femininity. In 2013 her dream came true and she started Kama. (www.kamaworld.be)

As the owner of Kama Eliza teaches weekly Burlesque (beginner and advanced) classes in Mechelen and Berchem and gives workshops and shows throughout Belgium.

In January 2016 Eliza was the first to introduce Burlesque Fitness work out classes in the Benelux.

Besides Eliza her showgirl talents she is also known for her creative talents in producing high end shows and choreographies.

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